Electric infrared heater, industrial, 1300 W power, wide focusing reflector, 2 year WARRANTY
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Glassfront 778 1300 W power, wide focusing reflector, 2 year WARRANTY
252.00 € 151.20 €
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Glassfront 778
252.00 € 151.20 €
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1300 W power, wide focusing reflector, 2 year WARRANTY
Model 778 778C
Heating capacity W 1300
Power supply   230-240V 1 phase 50Hz
Technology   95% reflective aluminium reflector with wide focusing 95% reflective aluminium reflector with deep focusing
Material   Die cast aluminium body, tempered safety glass, silicon gasket, quality polyester powdercoat finish
IR lamps   Tungsten halogen lamp filled with inert gas
Protection level   IP65 - protection against water and dust
Purpose   For wide area heating For long distance heating
Dimensions width mm 360
height with bracket mm 320
depth mm 155
Weight kg 3,7

IR heaters 778 and 778C – new ideas for professional use. Model 778 is ideal for heating large spaces. Parabolic reflector evenly distributes infrared rays in a large area in all directions. 778C model is recommended for heating within a large distance, concentrating the heat to a specific point.

778 and 778C models – high-performance industrial infrared heaters. They are made from extruded aluminium, firm housing, with tempered safety glass in front.

Both models correspond to the protection class IP65. This means they can be used for both open and closed areas. Heaters are resistance to water splashes, dust, and other effects of environment. They are safe to use outdoors. Silicone gasket prevents moisture from entering the interior of the heater.

Infrared emitting element – 1300 W gold plated lamp.

Aluminium reflector reflecting 95% of the energy can widely distribute heat or concentrate it on a distant point.

The heaters were tested in chicken farms in Italy.

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Glassfront industrial electric infrared heaters
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