Gas heater, modulating heat output, modulating air flow, axial fan, pre-mix burner, 53.9-92 kW modulating heat output, air throw 40 m, modulating air flow 5775-8250 m³/h
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K series - modulating heat output, modulating air flow, axial fan, pre-mix burner
K 60 33-55.2 kW modulating heat output, air throw 31 m, modulating air flow 3670-5350 m³/h
K 60
33-55.2 kW modulating heat output, air throw 31 m, modulating air flow 3670-5350 m³/h
K 100 53.9-92 kW modulating heat output, air throw 40 m, modulating air flow 5775-8250 m³/h
K 100
53.9-92 kW modulating heat output, air throw 40 m, modulating air flow 5775-8250 m³/h
  K 32 K 45 K 60 K 100
Heat input max. kW 32.0 45.0 60.0 100.0
min. kW 18.6 27.0 34.5 56.0
Nominal heat output max. kW 29.6 41.6 55.2 92.0
min. kW 17.7 25.8 33.0 53.9
Efficiency max. output % 92.5 92.5 92.0 92.0
min. output % 95.0 95.5 95.6 96.2
Gas consumption1 natural gas m3/h 3.39 4.76 6.35 10.58
LPG G30 kg/h 2.52 3.55 4.73 7.88
LPG G31 kg/h 2.49 3.50 4.66 7.77
Airflow rate2 max. m3/h 2700 4000 5350 8250
min. m3/h 2300 2600 3670 5775
Temperature rise at maximum speed °C 31.0 30.8 30.6 33.0
at minimum speed °C 29.9 29.4 26.7 27.7
Gas connection ”F 3/4"
Air inlet pipe diameter mm 80
Exhaust flue pipe diameter mm 80
Electrical supply   230 V 1N - 50 Hz
Installed wattage W 350 450 750 900
Air throw at maximum speed in free field3 m 18 25 31 40
Recommended height of installation m 2.5-3 2.5-3 3-3.5 3-4
Operating temperature range4 °C 0-35
Sound pressure level at 6 metres at maximum speed in open field dB(A) 47 48 50 54
at maximum speed in typical installation dB(A) 59 60 61.5 65.5
at minimum speed in typical installation dB(A) 55 55 56 60.5
Dimensions width mm 656 706 796 1296
depth mm 722
height mm 800
Weight kg 55 65 75 120
  1. At 15 °C - 1013 mbar.
  2. At 20 °C - 1013 mbar.
  3. Throw for guidance only. Throw depends on height of building, mounting height to heater, room temperature and louvre setting.
  4. Indoor temperature of the installation location. The unit’s internal components have been tested from 0°C to 60°C.

Technical data

Model: K 100
General data
Nominal heat output (min - max)
56 - 100
Delivered thermal power (min. - max.)
53.9 - 92
Efficiency (at min - max heating power)
96.2 - 92
Natural gas (G20) consumption at 15 °C - 1013 mbar
Max. LPG (G30 - BUTAN) consumption
Max. LPG (G31 - PROPAN) consumption
Air flow (min. - max.) at 20 °C - 1013 mbar.
5775 - 8250
Air temperature rise (ΔT) at (min. - max.) speed
27.7 - 33
Fan data
Air exhaust at maximum speed in open space (recommend)
Sound pressure at max. speed at a distance of 6 m, in open space
Sound pressure at max. speed at a distance of 6 m, in standard building
Sound pressure at min. speed at a distance of 6 m, in standard building
Installation data
Power supply
230 V 1N - 50 Hz
Power electric consumption
Gas connection
Ø "
Operating temperature range
0 - 35
Recommended installation height
3 - 4
Exhaust air flue diameter
mm Ø
Air Inlet flue diameter
mm Ø


Model: K 100

Continuous modulation for maximal comfort.
K Series heaters with variable air flow rate and modulated heat input, with output range from 17.7 to 92 kW.

The winning characteristics

  • Modulation of heat output and ventilation according to ambient requirements.
  • Flame modulation burner with complete gas/air pre-mixing. This specific burner has been manufactured to ensure constant, continuous and efficient modulation of heat output between 100% to 56%.
  • High efficiency for greater energy savings: from 92% up to over 96% at maximum heat output.
  • Axial fan with widened blades, for a greater air flow, controlled by a built-in electronic circuit board that regulates the fan speed for precise comfort control.
  • Advanced microprocessor controls modulate the heat input and regulate the fan speed.
  • Air intake and exhaust outlet diameter of just 80 mm, a feature that allows savings to be made also during installation.
  • Digital chronothermostat supplied as standard, offers a series of important regulation and control functions, resulting in a more precise and economical use of the heating system.
  • Reduced size and weight, for faster and safer installation.
  • K Series heaters have a lower size/heat output ratio than other warm air heaters currently available on the market.

Ideal applications

Modulation of heat output and air ventilation means that the K heaters can be used efficiently in all industrial and commercial premises as:

  • workshops and factories, including large ones;
  • commercial buildings and showrooms;
  • rooms that require heating and ventilation;
  • laboratories and sports halls.

Comfort, energy saving and seasonal efficiency:
the winning features of the K Series heaters

Comfort without competitors

Supply of heating output and ventilation is in proportion to the requirements of indoor space. Modulation of heat output and air flow rate are controlled and managed by an electronic circuit board and a digital chronothermostat installed in the indoor area to be heated.
On the basis of the temperature set and the heating conditions of the area, the electronic system supplies the right amount of heat and provides exceptionally high efficiencies and improved comfort.
During operation at full capacity, therefore, the heater is particularly efficient, pleasant and quiet.
The graphic below shows this particular capacity to keep comfort comparing the indoor temperature of a room heated with an ON-OFF heater and with a K Series heater when the heat request is reduced.
Thanks to the heat and the fan modulation and to an electronic system with a digital chronothermostat, the temperature is kept almost constant.

comparision of modulating K and standard units temperature patterns

Energy savings and seasonal efficiency

K Series heaters have been designed to provide high thermal efficiency under all operational range.
In fact, for most of the winter season, heat requirements are less than the maximum specified in the project and it is in these conditions that Robur gas fired unit heaters perform at their best.
Their efficiency, already a remarkable 92% at maximum heat output, rises by 4 percentage points to 96.2%.
Furthermore, the modulation allows the amounts of on and off to be reduced and therefore increasing the efficiency of the overall system.

Digital chronothermostat for regulation and control

The digital chronothermostat, supplied as standard, offers:

  • programmable timer for three separate temperature levels (comfort, reduced or freeze protection);
  • winter operation in three selectable modes (automatic,manual, anti-frost);
  • summer operation (ventilation only) with manual selection of ventilation speed;
  • operational and fault diagnostics, with warning signals and alarm reset.

In addition, if more than one heater is installed in the same indoor space, it is possible to centralize the operation of all heaters, thus keeping unchanged the functions provided by the supplied chronothermostat.

K modulating gas fired unit heaters
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