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HEAT1 DUAL - 2 levels adjustable heating power (100%, 50%), informational LED display, remote control panel, mechanical button on the device body for control without a remote control panel, latest carbon fiber technology ensuring long lamps lifetime (10000 h), low glare, by using two separate lamps the heat is spread at a wider angle than from conventional devices, for use in indoor and outdoor (IP54), automatic turn off after 1-24 h function, with a wall mounting bracket Price including VAT
HEAT1 DUAL 3000 W power, length 104.5 cm, weight 4.2 kg, 2 year WARRANTY
298.34 € 179.00 €
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298.34 € 179.00 €
Free shipping!
3000 W power, length 104.5 cm, weight 4.2 kg, 2 year WARRANTY
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HEAT1 DUAL two-lamp electric infrared heaters
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