Gas convector, forced draught system, white colour, 2.32 kW heat output, air flow 100 m³/h
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Supercromo series - forced draught system, white colour
Supercromo 3001 2.32 kW heat output, air flow 100 m³/h
Supercromo 3001
2.32 kW heat output, air flow 100 m³/h
Supercromo 3002 2.32 kW heat output, air flow 100 m³/h, humidifier, programmable timer
Supercromo 3002
2.32 kW heat output, air flow 100 m³/h, humidifier, programmable timer
  Supercromo 3001 Supercromo 3002
Nominal heat input kW 2.58
Heat output nominal kW 2.32
reduced kW -
Efficiency % 90
Nominal gas consumption1 natural gas m3/h 0.273
LPG kg/h 0.203
Airflow2 max m3/h 100
min m3/h -
Gas pipe diameter ”F 3/8"
Air inlet pipe diameter mm 49
Flue pipe diameter mm 35
Wall hole diameter (for concentric pipes) mm 50
Power supply   230 V 1N - 50 Hz
Wattage W 45
Noise level at 3 m max. speed dB(A) 33
min. speed dB(A) -
Dimensions width mm 478
height mm 577
depth mm 173
Weight kg 17
  1. At 15 °C - 1013 mbar.
  2. At 20 °C - 1013 mbar.

Gas convectors series quick to install and advantageous in the operation. Each heater is independent and optimizes the comfort of every environment.

Features and benefits

  • Three minutes is all that it needs for Robur room heaters to warm up a room.
  • Instant heating where you need it and when you need it. Supercromo is an independent and modular system that allows different rooms to be heated to different temperatures, optimizing the comfort and reducing the fuel consumption.
  • 30% savings compared to a central heating system.
  • Quick to install. Supercromo does not require neither a water connection nor central heating plant nor chimneys.
  • Safe and reliable. Supercromo offers total safety as it features a forced draught system which only uses external air for burning. Combustion takes place in a sealed chamber which is totally isolated from the room.

Supercromo 3001: small with great performance

Thanks to the small dimensions, Supercromo 3001 is the ideal solution for small premises as well as rooms with a low windowsill. It warms up the room very quickly and keeps the noises low thanks to the centrifugal fan.

Supercromo 3002 optimizes the comfort

Supercromo 3002 combines the features of 3001 model with more operating possibilities like the humidifier and the programmable timer (150h charging system), supplied as standard. Heating where you need it and when you need it, with small sizes and low consumptions.

Supercromo 8002: high power and comfort for middle-big environments

Supercromo 8002 is the ideal solution for workshops, bars, show-rooms, restaurants, shops. It is equipped with humidifier, programmable timer (150h charging system), double heating power, thanks to the two-steps burner and fan, summer ventilation and air filter.

  Supercromo 3001 Supercromo 3002
Two power settings - -
Centrifugal fan + +
Room thermostat + +
Summer ventilation - -
Air filter - -
Humidifier - +
Programmable timer with reserve charge of 150 hours ? +
500 mm concentric pipe + +
External flue terminal + +
LPG kit + +

+ in standard
? ordered separately
- not available

Supercromo gas fired radiators
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