Electric infrared heater, durable and modern heater, 1200 W power, length 79.2 cm, 2 year WARRANTY
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Sharklite - durable and modern heater Price including VAT
Sharklite 712N 1200 W power, length 79.2 cm, 2 year WARRANTY
265.00 € 159.00 €
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Sharklite 712N
265.00 € 159.00 €
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1200 W power, length 79.2 cm, 2 year WARRANTY
Model 712N 718N
Heating capacity W 1200 1800
Power supply   220-240V 1 phase 50-60Hz
Cable   H05RN-F (3x1x3m)
Switch   Yes
IR lamps   Tungsten halogen lamp filled with inert gas
Lamp life h 5000
Protection level   IP55 - IK07
Insulating class   I
Emission spectrum   IR-A
Dimensions length mm 792 912
width mm 150
depth mm 100
Weight kg 1,45 1,6

Sharklite – a wall or stand mounted halogen infrared heater. It transforms 100% of the input power into heat instantly (within 1 second) with no pre-heating required, resulting in a considerable saving of energy by direct heating only when necessary. The heat is produced by shortwave infrared radiation from the lamp, which is maximized by a specially designed parabolic reflector. The heat is directed at people and objects in a direct, concentrated and homogenous way, even at a distance, and without dispersion from draughts. An area of up to 12 m2 can be heated.

Sharklite is designed for outdoor or indoor wall mounting. Can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Especially suitable for large open areas (warehouses, workshops) where only spot heating is required. An ideal solution for balconies, barbeque areas, smoking areas and restaurants and bars. Applications in the industrial field for garages, workshops, packing sheds, waiting areas and for drying of surfaces. Livestock heating.

Sharklite infrared heaters come in two basic models: 712N and 718N.

„Sharklite“ model 712N

This is 1200 W power infrared heater. It can be used for heating the area up to 10 square meters. The heater is light weight, weighing only 1.15 kg. Sharklite 712N model includes fixtures for attaching to a wall or stand. The heater level of protection is IP55, level of protection against impact is IK07. Sharklite 712N model is supplied with a power cable and a switch.

„Sharklite“ model 718N

This is 1800 W power infrared heater. It can be used for heating the area up to 12 square meters. Heater light weight, weighing in at a little more than 712 Model N – 1.6 kg. Sharklite 718N model includes fixtures for attaching to a wall or stand. Like the 1200 W 712N model, the heater’s protection level is IP55, impact protection level IK07. Sharklite 718N model is supplied with a power cable and a switch.

Sharklite 712 heat spread Sharklite 718 heat spread


  1. Reliability. Sharklite is born for satisfy the strength needs, without disregard the design. The metal parts are made by aluminium and the plastic parts are in nylon plus glass fi ber. Strong and durable, the product withstands to oxidation, bad weather, heat and UV rays.
  2. Safety. The water and dust protection rate is IP55, which ensures the resistance to rain, water dashes, sand and dust. The impact resistance (IK07) is given by a strong grid and by the silicon bumpers that hold the lamp.
  3. Modularity. Thanks to the modules that are packed separately, the heating system Sharklite gives a large range of compositions, for satisfying the most different needs.
  4. Directionability. All the kinds of installations allow to orient the lamp exactly in the needed direction.
  5. Easy to install and use. Sharklite can be installed in a very short time: you only need a click for having a silent and immediate heat.
  6. Lamps. The halogen quarts lamps with tungsten filament emit infrared rays (short wave IR-A) by the standard power supply. The ruby colour is not dazzling and the light creates a warm atmosphere.
  7. Technological innovation. The production of main parts, like the parabolic reflector and the protecting grid, works with a Mo-El patented system, which uses ‘programmed curved bending’. This technique allows to create the maximum geometric precision for the best irradiation efficiency, reducing at the same time the weight and cost if compared to traditional systems.

Sharklite comfort zone



Low glare lamp does not have standard lamp brightness, it provides a comfortable warmth. It does not emit irritating bright light, no dazzling, no glaring, does not irritate the eyes. Infrared heaters with low glare lamps extremely suitable for use in bars, cafes, restaurants, where you need to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. It's great for offices and other places where staff spends on the computer most of the day and their eyes are sensitive to bright light.

  1. The heater is fixed to the wall using the supplied mounting bracket and installed at least 2.2m above the ground level.
  2. May be suspended from the ceiling using stainless steel wire or chain.
  3. The heater may also be installed on a special designed stand.
  4. The heater should only be mounted horizontally.

Sharklite installation data

Installation methods

  1. Sharklite infrared heater on standInstallation on a special stand. The heater is mounted in the height of 2090 mm. The stand is adapted for 1200 W and 1800 W Sharklite infrared heaters. The stand is durable, gray, weighs 17.2 kg.
  2. Wall mounting. This is a very simple and safe way for the heater installation. A special bracket is fixed to the wall with screws. Infrared heater Sharklite is then mounted to the bracket. Same as for installing the stand, this method is suitable for both Sharklite models.
    Sharklite mounting to the wall
  3. Tensioning. Sharklite heater is stretched with special ensuring cables, leaving completely open space under the heater. This method is reliable and completely safe. The kit includes 4 cables, each with a length of 2.5 m.
    Sharklite infrared heater
Sharklite durable electric infrared heaters
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